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Natural Health Care ~

Overwhelmed by the amount of health information out there?

Do you feel like your doctor takes the time to address every

component of your health?

Wondering if there are alternatives to your current medications

or ways to decrease your dosage(s)?

Would you like to review your blood work and/or other lab test

results in more detail with your doctor?

Our naturopathic approach to primary care allows you to spend between 45 mins to 1 hour with your provider in order to make sure your needs are being met fully. Health is not just about how your body is functioning at the present moment. It is deeply personal, involving the body, mind, and spirit. You are not just the diagnosis you were given or the lab values on your recent blood work. You are a unique individual with different feelings and attitudes about your health, and as such, the support you receive should be personalized to those needs.


We will review your full health history, family history, current mental/emotional state (stress, support system, mindfulness), and lifestyle habits (exercise, diet, sleep, etc.). You will also have a chance to prioritize your health concerns with your provider and work together to create a treatment strategy that you are both comfortable and confident with.


We are hear to listen and help you learn what your body is telling you it needs and give you options for providing those needs. We are not just looking to help you avoid illness and disease, we want to help you reach optimal health.

Natural Health Care options include:

~ Annual physical exams

~ Annual blood work screening, plus follow up to review any abnormal or "sub-optimal" results

~ Other exams, testing, and treatment based on your personal health history and health goals

Not sure if you're due for your annual exam? Schedule a FREE 15-min consult to discuss any questions you may have.

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