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Common Questions & Answers ~

Are you accepting new patients?

- No. Dr. Kara is not seeing patients at this time. Telehealth (video) appointments are available for established patients within the state of Oregon.

Do you take insurance?

- Yes, Dr. Kara is currently in network with BlueCross/BlueShield, Providence, HealthNet, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, Pacificsource, and Moda. Please check to be certain that your insurance will cover an appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor. For individuals without insurance coverage, direct-pay option is available.

Are you offering in person or virtual appointments?


- Since the first shut downs related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kara has been offering mostly virtual appointments with in person visits being offered on a case-by-case basis (for example, if a physical exam will be required to treat you during your visit). Dr. Kara plans to continue this method of care long-term. Light Therapy visits are not being offered at this time. Please see the "Reopening Info" tab for the most up to date information. 

How long are the office visits?

- A New Patient Appointment is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. A Follow Up visit is about 45 minutes. An Annual Physical Exam is about 1 hour.


What can I expect at my first visit?


- Naturopathic medical philosophy is focused on getting to the underlying cause behind your symptoms or disease. Therefore, your first office visit will likely take longer than a standard/conventional medical office visit. You will be asked questions about your current symptoms, past medical history, family medical history, and current lifestyle habits to help the doctor get a full picture of what is affecting your health and where changes or support may be necessary. A physical exam specific to your current symptoms or complaints will be performed after the doctor has a good idea about your unique health story and labs may be ordered.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

     A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) undergoes an extensive education, training, and board certification process before becoming a licensed physician. This includes the appropriate pre-medical undergraduate coursework as well as graduating with a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine from an accredited four-year, graduate-level naturopathic medical program. During their graduate-level schooling, an ND is educated in all the same basic sciences as a MD (Medical Doctor), as well as more specialized coursework in holistic approaches to health care with a great emphasis on health optimization and disease prevention. 

     The term Naturopathic Medicine encompasses a large grouping of both ancient and conventional healing modalities. It is a type of medicine where the latest, science-based diagnostic and treatment modalities are used alongside traditional healing techniques such as herbal medicine and hydrotherapy. All naturopathic physicians are taught, and follow, the same six basic naturopathic philosophy principles;

1. First Do No Harm (Primum non nocere) – Naturopathic physicians are taught to choose the least invasive and most non-toxic treatments necessary for healing for each patient before analyzing the potential need for more invasive care

2. The Healing Power of Nature (Vis medicatrix naturae) – Naturopathic physicians operate with the inherent knowledge that everything in nature, including the human body, has the ability to heal itself. We work to supply your body with what is needs and remove any obstacles to cure in order to allow your body to undergo the innate healing process.

3. Identify and Treat the Cause (Tolle causam) – Naturopathic physicians search for the underlying cause(s) of illness instead of simply treating the symptoms. When the underlying cause is addressed, symptoms tend to resolve on their own accordingly.

4. Doctor as Teacher (Docere) – Naturopathic physicians focus much of their time during an office visit on educating our patients on what is happening within the body and why we are asking them to undergo the treatments we prescribe. Through patient education, we empower you to take control of optimizing your own health and increase your chances of maintaining your health into the future.


5. Treat the Whole Person (Tolle totum) – A person is more than just a body. We are complex entities made up of body, mind, and spirit, each with a unique genetic, environmental, lifestyle, and nutrition status. Naturopathic physicians aim to treat a person in their entirety.


6. Prevention (Praevenic) – Naturopathic doctors promote optimization of health and prevention of disease.


     If you're interested in discussing every option available to treat your acute or chronic health concern or you are looking to optimize your health to prevent disease in the future, Naturopathic Medicine may be the best fit for you!

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