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New Treatment Available at Good Health Naturopathic!

~ Harmonic Light Therapy ~

Why Use Harmonic Light Therapy?

~ Decrease pain ~

~ Increase circulation and healing ~

~ Improve mood ~

~ Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) ~

~ Relieve stress ~

~ Bring your body back into balance! ~

What is Harmonic Light Therapy?

A Harmonic Light Therapy visit exposes the body to infrared, red, and blue light through the placement of multiple soft pads against the body. These pads are similar to heating pads and do warm up slightly throughout the session. These pads can be placed around areas of pain, stress, or anywhere else that may be indicated based on the results you're looking for from your session. Appointments are 40 minutes in length.


To learn more about the exact type of light therapy available at Good Health Naturopathic Medical Center or to view published research articles about how effective light therapy is for different conditions, please visit the Lumiceuticals website, here.

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